The Institute of International Relations (I.I.R.) is a “University Research Institute” affiliated with the Department of International & European Studies, preserving, however, its administrative autonomy. The Institute currently occupies a significant segment of Greek scientific/research activities and presents significant future growth prospects.

The Institute's main objectives include:

  • Promoting research and activity in the field of International Relations, Politics, Security and Defence, Democratization and Human Rights, as well as Economics with a special focus on the European Union, South-eastern Europe, the Mediterranean and the Middle East region. 
  • Generating new ideas and perspectives in its areas of competence through ongoing research programs, training activities, seminars, conferences, and relevant publications.
  • Fostering the development of relevant networks among Academics, Diplomats, Policymakers, and Students.
  • Providing the Department of International and European Studies with research expertise over a wide spectrum of policy issues.

Administrative Structure

IIR’s administration is appointed by decision of the Special-Composition General Assembly of the Department of International and European Studies, with the assistance of the Senate. The Institute is administered by its President and Board of Directors.

President: Panayiotis Roumeliotis, Professor of International Political Economy.

Vice-President: Irene Cheila, Associate Professor of International Relations.


  • Evangelos Raftopoulos, Professor of International Law.
  • Charalambos Papasotiriou, Associate Professor of International Relations.
  • Christos Gortsos, Associate Professor f International Economic Law

Furthermore, an Advisory Committee of Persons has been integrated in the operations of IIR.

IIR Administrative Staff

Popi Laina, Assistant to the President.
Maria Deca, Co-ordinator of Events.

IIR Events and Activities

IIR has been developing multi-fold activities, fostering a meaningful public dialogue on matters of international relations, international law, foreign policy, defence and security. To that effect, IIR organises conferences, seminars, book presentations, round table discussions and lectures.

IIR Library

The Institute comprises a Documentation Centre and a contemporary information centre for multiple users and needs. Each user has access to the computerised library catalogue that in addition to journals and books also includes databases on CD-ROMs. Finally, via the Internet, the Institute offers access to electronic networks in Greece and abroad, including library catalogues, archives and databases. The library incorporates the “Basic Library of International Humanitarian Law”, a donation by the International Committee of the Red Cross by the intermediary of the Commission for the Implementation and Dissemination of Humanitarian Law. In academic year 2007-2008, the Library will be closed due to works to reorganise and update its material.

IIR Facilities

Since 1994, IIR is housed in a renovated neoclassical building, at 3-5, Hill Street in Plaka. IIR’s facilities include conference rooms, halls to host events, a library etc.

IIR Publications

IIR has a dynamic presence in the area of publishing:

  • Yearbooks, whose main objective is to scientifically analyse central issues of current affairs in the field of international relations.
  • Occasional Research Papers Working Paper Series, since 1998.
  • Newsletters

IIR Contact Details
3-5, Hill Street / 105 58 Athens
T: +30 210 33.12.325-7
F: 210 33.13.575